When you use Big Top you can be certain of great food and service, with the knowledge that by using our business you are helping to bring hope and a future to families, children and young adults.

Who We Are

Big Top Catering and Big Top Parties are companies founded by Dave and Judy Usher.
Big Top Catering provides delicious hot and cold food for corporate events, weddings, family celebrations and smaller occasions throughout Greater Manchester.
Big Top Parties provides complete children’s parties, mobile creche facilities at corporate or family events and school holiday activities.

How We Started

At the outset the company was formed with its objective to be a company that would support and become a part of the community in which it was based. Dave and Judy have previously been directors of businesses and worked in community positions. It was and still is their vision to do more than just tick the Corporate and Social Responsibility box but to become integrated into a community. They also have moved into the same area.

The company is based in Eccles. It is housed in what was an old Co-Op shop and Dave and Judy (but mostly Dave!) have converted it into working kitchens, office space and a community centre known as The Castle Community Centre which is used by a variety of local groups. The offices are shared with other small businesses, social enterprises or charities with a similar ethos. The business and community centre work closely with the local housing association and the school in the same street.

Our Community Work

Our community centre works with families and children in a variety of ways and at present are looking to begin inter-generational activities in the neighbourhood.
Working with local schools and housing trusts Big Top provides various cookery classes in the community and works in other areas of Salford where the lonely and vulnerable can come together to cook, chat and make new friends.

Big Top can provide work experience and opportunities for those needing a second chance at employment to work with us as and when the opportunities arise.

At present they are looking into the possibility of acquiring an old Post Office building in the same area to become a place for a community café using the additional space for mentoring and working with local families and young people, which could be used by the school and other enterprises working in this area of expertise.

Our Promise

As you can see there is a big emphasis on family, food and fun across all areas.

As a business we are about excellence. We can offer personal service with that extra attention to detail and excellent handmade food made to homemade recipes, to ensure your event or celebration has the ‘wow’ factor. We have an amazing creative team who just love to provide celebration cakes, buffets and hot food.

Our children’s parties work to the same standard providing the complete party package for busy parents.

The more we grow the more we can provide more of the above. There are no limits.

If you would like to see The Castle you are most welcome to visit.

When you use Big Top you support:

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